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Gaya karaoke – Terms and conditions
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the Playback karaoke are for private use alone or as part of a private event

  1. “Customer” regulations is a surfer or a resident of an canada resident of sand

An usa identity card or foreign passport holder.

  1. a valid credit card, which is an usa credit card or international.
  1. Company regulations is the “gift of song playback Four” (owner: Oren Lev A.m 028 651 511)
  1. “site policy states it is Pine attention to music – music Sales of the company.
  1. Regulations of This site is designed to clarify the obligation of service and reliability as well as respecting the rights

To purchase music files on this site.

  1. music files will be displayed karaoke backing tracks and at the discretion of the Company.
  1. The Company reserves the right to modify at any time the price of the products.
  1. After the operation will be a test of the credit card authorization and order by credit card companies, will be given appropriate notice that the action is approved, the order will be registered in the website and server computers Oren Lev music and music files are available to download.
  1. In the event that the transaction has not been approved by the credit card company performing the transaction will receive an appropriate message. Be clarified and highlighted, action will be considered as completed only after the approval of the credit to the purchase performing the action.
  1. All orders made by the client, are final. You cannot make a change or cancel the booking conditions and in any case no refunds will be given. Locate right to change prices at any given time.
  1. Changing the scale tone or speed  can only be made on the mp3 backing tracks (no subtitles or karaoke), subject to a purchase from the amount of NIS 39 and over.
  1. You can not get a refund for a karaoke / mp3 file that has been already sent to your email.
  1. Use of the Site is offered to you conditioned on obtaining all the conditions, notices and conditions set forth below. Site will be considered as consent with all terms, notices and restrictions in these terms.